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I have a soft spot for wonky gemstones that may be overlooked as being too exotic or might just take a lot of work to drum up interest. But that’s part of their appeal, at least for me. Many attractive stones remain off the radar for both consumers and certainly in the jeweler’s case . . . but should they?

Today jewelry lovers are more demanding than ever before. We live in the age of hyper-personalization. Pretty much everything in our culture today is worthy of aiding and abetting the modern person’s sense of individuality.

Why else would there be stores overloaded with whimsically designed cell phone cases on every corner just waiting for someone to personalize their utilitarian device? So jewelry shoppers are also looking for the out-of-the-ordinary in their accessories as well as in other areas of their lives.

An almost unheard of gemstone that’s turning my head lately is sphalerite. Other than being known mostly to serious gemologists or avid rock hounds – this alluring stone has pretty much eluded the limelight.

What it’s got going for it and clearly what sets it apart from other stones is fire – big time fire. “It has an adamantine luster. Actually it’s more dispersive than diamonds; three times higher than a diamond to be exact,” reports gemstone authority Cheryl Ells, GG AJP.

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